Felix Boniface, 2019

Coucou! Who’s in for some over exaggerated binge-scrolling?


What we learned in 2019.

Using an Uber-bike to go to a wedding is fine. Painting Henna is fine. Not opening your shirt to get dressed to win time to see your future wife sooner, is fine. 

I'm happy to discover a clear line in the work I’m making. It's honest, fun and imperfect. I love light coming in through the window. I shoot my flat-lays in the mess of the day. I love hands, skin, shoes, shadows and sparkly things. Texture and color. Architectural lines and clouds. Moonlight. Grass. Trees. History. Lively city centres. People who dance. Flashlights. Tasty food. Warm families, real friends. We are so damn lucky, what life is this?

Alexandra, January 15, 2020

Many thanks to René, Kathleen, Margot, Dennis, Julie, Henry, Rob, Tilde, Tom, Lize, Eva, Mattijs, Charlotte, Dirk, Wim, Nathalie, Korneel, Alexandra, Eva, Marijn, Xavier, Nathalie, Lore, Tomas, Margot, Jens, Manon, Thomas, Céline, Philippe, Simon, Annabel, Judith, Jef, Miel & Stephanie for doing your thing.

Antwerp, Moerbeke, Brussels, Diepenbeek, Meise, Hasselt, Kermt, Knokke, Andalucia, Normandy, 

Wedding documentaries by Alexandra Bertels.
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