Hi there! So glad you’re here. 
Feeling the feels, looking at my work?
That’s a great start.
I listed some answers you might be looking for below.

Why Felix?
My name is Alexandra. Fascinated by genealogy and tradition, I named the brand of my wedding photography after my great grand father Felix Boniface Claes (1898-1956). 

What is a wedding documentary?
A collection of images shot in a candid, unobtrusive and storytelling way. Instead of relying on staged, planned and posed shots, I love to document the day as it naturally unfolds. Following my gut feeling, I embrace real connection, good light, easthetically pleasing, poetic and chaotic moments.
Do we have to pose during our wedding day?
No. If you hate posing, then don’t. I’ll be there to capture you at your best throughout the day, while you enjoy living it. 

We do want a few pictures just with the two of us.
No problem, let’s go and play. Think about how you want this day to feel like, what you enjoy, plan a fun date to enjoy each other in the middle of the madness. Do whatever you feel like and I’ll capture those genuine moments, emotions, and interactions.

We’re getting married abroad. Will you travel for work?
I thought you’d never ask.

What is your favorite type of wedding to photograph?
Real, raw, classy or cool, impulsive, crazy, dramatic, cute, high-end, DIY. It’s always about the people. If your choices are made because they suit your personality, I’m your gurl. 

Can we order prints?
Yes, please do. As a photographer, I hate to see my work sit silently on hard drives. Each delivered gallery has its own print shop where you can order beautiful photo products.

Do you make albums?
Check, double check. If you ask me, I don’t know any better end result for my work than a beautifully hand crafted album. I would love to help and create this together with you.

Is being a photographer your full time job?
Yes! And I love every aspect of it. The flexibility, the creativity, the full responsibility, the entrepreneurship, the encounters, the reward afterwards.

Do you offer mentor sessions?
Yes! I used to work as a teacher and love sharing what I know. Contact me to know what the options are.
What is the best way to get in touch?
Fill in the contact form - this way I receive all your information in my administrative system, very convenient.

Quanto costa?
Wedding photography starts at €3500 for 6 hours. Family sessions at €900.

Wedding documentaries by Alexandra Bertels.
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