Margot + Jens

June 2019. ‘Start organising your wedding at least one year in advance, they say’. This does not count when your name is Margot and party planning is your second nature. “Can you come for a few hours? We’ll do something small with a few friends in the backyard”.  The idea of a brief lunch quickly ran out of hand. Feel free to scroll away from foggy morning to sunny afternoon.

Vendors: concept & styling by the one and only Tabloo Margot, outfit from Maison Lemoine, stretchtent from TV RENT, floral installation by Tilly’s Bouquet, furniture from Femat, catering by De Pommerie and by fire master Jurgen Peel from Steak à Manger, cool climate wines selected by Vinetiq. All photos © Felix Boniface 2019.

Wedding documentaries by Alexandra Bertels.
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