Anouk + Alexandre
July 2019. Huitres et champagne.

L'Amour with double A in the middle of summer! This French-Belgian team chooses the roots of the groom as the backdrop for their wedding. Welcome to... Normandy.

In the tiny coastal village of Meuvaines, family and friends from far and wide gather to celebrate. While sitting on the traditional wooden benches of the église Saint-Manvieu, they sing cheerfully to the newlyweds. The rest of the day goes just as harmonious. After a short walk, the reception starts in the courtyard of the parental farmhouse. Guests chat and stroll between food stands and taste a mix of local snacks while the Belgian beer flows richly. The atmosphere is playful and relaxed. In the evening the party erupts in a large white tent on the meadow. Anouk and Alexandre laugh happily. They know the real meaning of ‘savoir vivre’.

Wedding documentaries by Alexandra Bertels.
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